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A class divided



I haven’t been a good blogger, I regret that. I’ve been pre-occupied

The 25th of July 2010, my grandma passed away, on her name is just a notice of death. In life she was much more, It’s easy to take death for granted when it’s not someone you love and hold dear. When it does happen, it puts things into perspective, then twists it around in a violent maelstrom of emotions and thoughts, for a while, its inconceivable that someone you’ve known your whole life and love so much is simply gone, not existent, what’s left is a body.

We got to see her to say our goodbyes in the hospital, that day may have been the worst in my life. Seeing her frail body, my cousins, aunts and parents around her. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. All I want is one moment more with her, to tell her what I forgot to tell her last time I saw her, “I love you grandma.” I’m not religious so I don’t believe in an afterlife.

The burial ceremony was held yesterday. I was in awe of the amount of people that came, she really was loved by many, and I don’t know if my grandma was religious towards the end. But it was a fitting tribute nonetheless. The realization that she is gone is slowly starting to get to me, I’ve began talking about her in pre-tense. It was a heavy feeling, suiting up to see her for the last time, albeit in a casket. But after the ceremony I felt content, and I could tell my cousins could feel it as well. She was rid of pain and suffering, it’s like people say, she lives on in our memories. We had a memorial for her, with a slideshow of old pictures of her and our family, we were able to laugh at our ridiculous hairdos, funny faces and remember her optimism and her laughter.

I know I will have to deal with death later on in life and I’m not looking forward to it, but until then i will continue to love the people around me, and I hope everyone knows that.

I know she won’t read this, I know it doesn’t make any difference, but I just want to say:

Te amo Abueli, nunca te olvidare.

If you don’t know who Lars Vilks is, don’t bother looking him up, he calls himself an artist, frankly, I’ve seen baboons paint better and with more meaning, he’s a nobody, but the reason he is famous now is because he depicted(if you could call it paint) the prophet Mohammad as a “rondellhund”(Roundabout dog, A dog made out of wood put in different parts of a City, mostly roundabouts, hence the name). And ever since, the Sunni muslims have been on his ass about it.

So today, Vilks had a lecture on art at the Uppsala University,why on earth anybody would invite him to talk about ART(and freedom of speech)is beyond me, No seriously, calling him an artist is an insult to everyone from Picasso to that kindergarten kid who loves to draw. Well enough about him, what we are really here to talk about is the muslim reaction to his retarded behaviour, they chose to fight fire with fire, retardness with retardness.

So Vilks begins his little act, to about 2 interested people and 20 angry muslims, He starts to show a video about islamic sexuality(homo I believe, anyone know?), HILARITY ENSUES.

Video of the festivities

(I can swear the cops in that video are the same ones that raided my house the other day!)

As you can see, Nothing severe really happened, A couple of younglings were apprehended by the police, one being charged for assaulting a police officer, that would be the guy punching the cop in the face while being wrestled down, gotta hand it to him, he has balls. Stupid fuck tho.

Vilks wasnt harmed in the rumble, several people were sprayed in the face with mace.

Heres my thought, I know that Sunni muslims are really strict about not depicting Mohammad in any way, while the Shi’a as far I know, dont really care, and have been known to accept respectful depictions of Mohammad, emphasis on respectful(infact, I believe the Qur’an says you shouldnt depict any of Allah’s creation). But come on guys, blowing up embassies and threathening people to death? On the internet we call that being “BUTTHURT”.

As for the situation in Sweden, you are just fueling the fire for the Swedish Democrats(the racist, nazi party), giving them more to work with, It’s like you want to get kicked out and go back to the undemocratic countries YOU FLED FROM. You are not winning sympathy for your cause this way, you are just instigating more hate.

I’ve lived with muslims all my life, I have muslim family, and I don’t want the actions of inbred, retarded muslim extremists and radicals to have impact on the lives of those that have done no wrong. I hate religion in all its forms, but what I hate more is extremism to this degree, its bullshit warmongering for the sake of war. A war against

Situation is this, provocateur Vilks provokes with paintings he shouldnt really be doing, just because they suck so bad and are simply provoking, provoked extremists respond with violence, spawning more violence, spawning even more violence, engulfing the world in a perpetual whirlpool of hate, good job!

If maths is your thing, here is a simple equation that explains everything.

Lars Vilks(Retard)  +  Radical Extremists(Retards) – Common Sense = Shitstorm

This is basically what happens when two retards collapse with each other.

Oh and by the way here is the painting that got Vilks in trouble in the first place, the mere suckyness of it invokes violence.


*** Update

Apparently, Vilks was showing  a video of Gay muslims wearing a Mohammad mask, having sex with each other.

Go figure.

Added a new video with english subtitles, and a bit longer, tho I do not support the channel the video is relevant to the post.

Relationships, be it friendly ones or romantic ones, are not easy, take advice from one as old as I am(Oh yeah, I’ve turned 20 now, death is right around the corner for me folks). I’ve always found it funny how many of my friends come to me for advice on relationships, when I’m by far the most inexperienced one when it comes to successful relationships, mine as the title says, Is a series of failed ones, mostly my fault too(I’ve had 2 if you are wondering, and no im not going to talk about them)

It’s not that I’m a bad boyfriend or lover(I think?) but this is a problem I’ve found many guys encounter.Now, I don’t want to be a masochist pig right now but girls, we can’t read your fucking mind, we don’t know  what you are thinking, or that when you say something it means the opposite, what is this? “the opposite game” Fuck that.

If you would just speak your fucking mind, there would be no failed marriages, now maybe that our fault for oppressing women for as long as we did back in the day, but hey, change has come! Just look at what we’ve accomplished with Barack Obama(Let the shitstorm begin), next we will be seeing a woman as president of the US, trust me.

But seriously, most men are not susceptible for those subtle vibes you female folk emit from your bodies, speak your mind and don’t expect us to follow your every step, unless your man is pussywhipped zombie without a mind of his own, he will disagree with you.

This is NOT your favorite romantic comedy movie

This is NOT your favorite romantic novel

This is life, and when two personalities connect, however matching there will be a crash, just like atoms, and sometimes that crash is a good thing and sometimes it isn’t. Deal with it.

I don’t mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that’s how it comes out(Bill Hicks anyone?)

Anyway, that’s just my advice to you ladies out there who expect more of us men than is possible, we are simple creatures, we just want to be loved, just like everybody else.

What do I know anyway, I’m a freaking nerd.

//your friendly neigbhourhood Insomniac, XOXO

Music is a big part of most people’s lives and It’s a very big part of mine. when I wake up, I put my playlist on, and until I go to bed, that music is playing most of the time But I have a slight problem, and that is defining myself in a specific genre, and I think most people have that problem too, I like the fact that I can remain open to all sorts of music genres, but the problem comes when someone asks me what sort of music I like, I can never come up with a straight answer, If I really have to be specific it’s a tie between indie singer/songwriter and house music, quite a difference right?

But I also like reggae, rock, trance, subgenres of house and techno, hardstyle, metal, acoustic, electronica, and I even like old school rap and hip hop from time to time, and the list goes on. I can never really define myself to a certain genre of music, It’s always something pushing me over to another side. If my music does define who I am, then what am I? Schizophrenic or open-minded?
What genre of music do you prefer, and do you think your music defines you? Leave a comment and let me know.

Hasta Siempre, Commandante

It’s 6.38 in the morning of the 8th.

This night, I couldn’t sleep, As I lay in my bed listening to music from an album in honour of my namesake and inspiration Ernesto Guevara, better known as Che Guevara. I can’t help but think over his actions and ideals, I even came up with a little poem of sorts(beware, it may suck)

te dicen, Ernesto, nombre de asesino.
yo digo, Ernesto, nombre de campesino.
te llaman terorista, te llamo revolucionario, sin comparison, sin conclucion.
con tu arma nos muestras el camino que tenemos que tomar.
No eras cubano, no eras argentino, no eras chileno, no eras boliviano y no fuiste peruano, fuiste latino.
Unidad es el camino que tenemos que tomar, Hasta la victoria, Siempre mi Commandante.


They say, Ernesto, name of an assassin.
I say, Ernesto, name of a farmer.
they call you a terrorist, I call you a revolutionist, without comparison, without conclusion .
With your weapon you show us the path we must take.
You were not from Cuba, you were not from Argentina, You were not from Chile, you were not from Bolivia and you were not from Peru, you were from Latin America.
Unity is the path you showed us and the path we must take, To victory my commander, always.

Yeah, it sucked, but I stand by it.

For me, there has never been any question over what side I am politically, My ideals have been the same throughout most of my life, only minor changes to my ways of achieving these goals and ideals. From my naive plan to conquer the world and bring peace to it(somewhere deep inside, my inner child still wants that, watch out world!), to a revolution to influencing people, my first blogs name was Radio Rebelde, the pirated radio station Che and Fidel used in Sierra Maestra during the cuban revolution(sadly, some chump not even using the url stole it on WordPress).

Anyway, as I laid in my bed tonight I began to think hard about what I can do to really influence the world, to try to shape it my way. I have the medium, internet, a place that people of all races and cultures can share, the problem is getting the word out there, I dont have high hopes for this blog, but If I can influence one person I guess I can feel satisfied with my work.

“Baby steps Ernesto….baby steps.”

I don’t claim to have the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of poverty. I don’t claim to be a genius and I dont believe in a god that will come down and help us overcome, but I do however have a firm belief in the idea that
education is the way out of poverty. Again and again I meet people who think that giving food and shelter is the essential way to “fight” poverty. While it may be extremely important for the fight, it’s a short-term solution, and it will make people dependant upon you, it’s like the old saying “Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime”. Education is key!

Now, the logical argument towards this is of course “But Ernesto, if the people have no food and no shelter, why would they care about going to school?

Well did you think these people we’re constantly out of food? did you think these people suddenly went into poverty when they found out foreigners would bring them everything they needed?

These people have survived in these harsh conditions long before anyone decided to do something about it.

Now, the conditions for this problem has changed since it first arose. Things are different, We have the capacity to feed and shelter everyone, the only thing stopping us is some peoples will to generate money out of everything they do, from taking a shit to selling everything from here to Alabama.

Children and adults alike have a thirst for knowledge, and even if we dont remember, our parents always tell us we used to ask questions as kids, its our natural curiosity, the same applies to children of starving nations, feed their bellies and quench their thirst, sure, but remember to feed their mind aswell, so they can take themselves out of the starving state they’re in.

That being said, I still support charities and welfare, of course, If you really want to make a difference you should go down there yourself and help out, something I intend to do in due time, but for now you can help out by simply wanting to help out, there are charities and organisations that need help in your local community aswell as worldwide, for example one thing I found here on WordPress is SocialVibe, a community that lets you gather points that you can use for the charity of your choice, select a sponsor that gives the money to the charity, all by answering questions and doing some internet activities that take less than a minute, its really easy and fun. Click the badge in the sidebar to help out my charity of choice, which is something called Education (click the link for more information), if your reading this, please help out!

Now besides charities and welfare organisations, there are certain people that go about much more than the regular joe to help out other people in need, Shawn is one such guy, and he is……inspiring, to say the least, Shawn is a guy who decided to use the money he had saved up for an xbox, and use it for something much better (not to say an xbox isnt good), now this isnt a lot of money, but through the power of YouTube, he got the word out to people and now several communities(like Ipower and the Nerdfighers) have his back, and he has a substantial following on YouTube. definitely check him out at his website or his YouTube profile, if you have money to spare, donate, you get to see what your money is used on and its really awe inspiring at moments, he calls it the uncultured project, you can check him out at these links:

Subscribe to him and feel inspired!


The act of giving

To sum this up, I hope everyone does at least something to help out anyone in need, if someone took care of you, your responsibility is to take care of someone else in return, be it your kids, your family or some stranger.

This blog post was written with the help of the awesome Matilda C, the wonderful community of Ipower and SocialVibe!

The fail of 2012

Allow me to laugh for a minute ..(HAHAHAHAHAH).. Thank you, that was fun.

The idea that the world would end 2012 was always ridiculous, but the idea that some old mayan fuck has predicted it was even funnier, because they couldnt even predict their own demise. But a couple of weeks ago, real scientists interpreted the mayan calender that was predicting this “end of the world”. And found out that the actual date of this change(thats what it says) that was to occur was 2220, meaning a couple of hundred years from now.

Now, not only did they make a really expensive(albeit terribly bad) movie about it, these doomsday prophets actually made several(some really good) websites about it.

So what do we do now? The mayans are wrong, but the 2012 people can fall back on other “prophecies”. Me, I dont really know, or care what will happen in 2012. If we die, we die, if not, I’m not going to celebrate either way.

Futuristic Fear

As cliché as it is to say, I live in the now. I only think about the future when i’m thinking about my plans to become supreme ruler of the world. Ever since I was a kid i’ve feared what is to come, and mourned that the past is gone, For example I will never again be able to relive the year 1997. That particular new years eve, I fell asleep before midnight, thinking about how different everything will be. Of course, It stayed pretty much the same, but different. It gives a new perspective to the ol’ “same same, but different” saying. Also,  I suck at planning things beforehand, never been much of an organizer, mainly because of  not knowing what really will happen tomorrow, I figure its not worth planning ahead. But who can blame me?

From birth we’ve been fed with things like the apocalypse and the end of the world, what is there to be excited about in the future, if it all goes away in the end?

Duck and fucking cover.

Here in Sweden a debate rages on over some controversial statements made by singer Paul Anka’s wife, Anna Anka.

The swedish(polish, but raised in Sweden) born Anna Anka, starring in a reality tv show called “Swedish Hollywoodwives”(Svenska Hollywoodfruar), reached nationwide acclaim when she in an article(swedish) on stated that “Swedish dads are tragical with their diaper change and their equality to women”, she then went on to say things like “..sexually its the womans duty to please the man and make sure he is satisfied, if not she can blame herself if he is cheating on her..” and other ridiculous shit. This of course caused an outrage in Sweden and the media took the bait, which is probably what the bitch wanted.

Now I’m ok with people speaking their mind, but I’m not ok with this running fucking amokk in my morning newspaper, A couple of days ago I saw a 2-page article on Anna Ankas health and exercise plans, and an “expert” claimed it was “dangerous” and “unhealthy”, my first thought:

“Good, fuck her, I could care less about Anna fucking Anka, Infact, I hope she fucking dies.”

Because, if this Anna Anka character wants to kill herself by excercise, who are we to stop her? Let her, give her a rope for all I care, This is not 2-page story news people! I know the global media is pretty much a fucking joke nowadays, but I was still under the impression it atleast tried to find important and interesting stories, apparently I was wrong.

I’m not saying I ever considered Fox news, or the swedish Aftonbladet, a valid media outlet, more like entertainment. But more and more newspapers are catching onto this ridiculous tabloid trend. Nowadays to get actual news I have to search out different dependable sites and blogs, which is fine with me, because I like reading stuff from sensible people, but not everyone can read with a critical eye, because you never know what you can find out here in the glorious intrawebs.

It’s late and i’m rambling on, My point is; Unless the the media gets their act together and starts writing news again, the people will be stupified and isolated from the world, in fighting this, the internet is our last line of defense.