I don’t claim to have the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of poverty. I don’t claim to be a genius and I dont believe in a god that will come down and help us overcome, but I do however have a firm belief in the idea that
education is the way out of poverty. Again and again I meet people who think that giving food and shelter is the essential way to “fight” poverty. While it may be extremely important for the fight, it’s a short-term solution, and it will make people dependant upon you, it’s like the old saying “Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime”. Education is key!

Now, the logical argument towards this is of course “But Ernesto, if the people have no food and no shelter, why would they care about going to school?

Well did you think these people we’re constantly out of food? did you think these people suddenly went into poverty when they found out foreigners would bring them everything they needed?

These people have survived in these harsh conditions long before anyone decided to do something about it.

Now, the conditions for this problem has changed since it first arose. Things are different, We have the capacity to feed and shelter everyone, the only thing stopping us is some peoples will to generate money out of everything they do, from taking a shit to selling everything from here to Alabama.

Children and adults alike have a thirst for knowledge, and even if we dont remember, our parents always tell us we used to ask questions as kids, its our natural curiosity, the same applies to children of starving nations, feed their bellies and quench their thirst, sure, but remember to feed their mind aswell, so they can take themselves out of the starving state they’re in.

That being said, I still support charities and welfare, of course, If you really want to make a difference you should go down there yourself and help out, something I intend to do in due time, but for now you can help out by simply wanting to help out, there are charities and organisations that need help in your local community aswell as worldwide, for example one thing I found here on WordPress is SocialVibe, a community that lets you gather points that you can use for the charity of your choice, select a sponsor that gives the money to the charity, all by answering questions and doing some internet activities that take less than a minute, its really easy and fun. Click the badge in the sidebar to help out my charity of choice, which is something called Education (click the link for more information), if your reading this, please help out!

Now besides charities and welfare organisations, there are certain people that go about much more than the regular joe to help out other people in need, Shawn is one such guy, and he is……inspiring, to say the least, Shawn is a guy who decided to use the money he had saved up for an xbox, and use it for something much better (not to say an xbox isnt good), now this isnt a lot of money, but through the power of YouTube, he got the word out to people and now several communities(like Ipower and the Nerdfighers) have his back, and he has a substantial following on YouTube. definitely check him out at his website or his YouTube profile, if you have money to spare, donate, you get to see what your money is used on and its really awe inspiring at moments, he calls it the uncultured project, you can check him out at these links:



Subscribe to him and feel inspired!


The act of giving

To sum this up, I hope everyone does at least something to help out anyone in need, if someone took care of you, your responsibility is to take care of someone else in return, be it your kids, your family or some stranger.

This blog post was written with the help of the awesome Matilda C, the wonderful community of Ipower and SocialVibe!