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I read an article in the swedish paper Aftonbladet today, that a swede by the name of Carl-Henric Svanberg has been appointed to save BP’s image….

How can we accept this? How can we accept the fact that they are just going to save their asses like that, They really don’t deserve that chance, neither does the mining company of the Chilean miners who were trapped in there for months, nor the Chinese oil company that is responsible for the even bigger oil spill in China, or all the other thousands of companies responsible for the deterioration and destruction of our planet and society. When did we begin to accept this?

I’m so sick of it, sick of being treated like shit and seeing the people around me being treated in the same way, And I can consider myself fucking lucky, I don’t live in a developing country, I can’t possibly grasp how the situation is in worse off countries. We are being raped in the ass, we are being overfed with lies and filth, we are a big fat consuming pig, constantly fed with bullshit until our bellies burst and we are replaced with another one, and i’m SICK OF IT. And it’s not just the big companies that do this, politicians do it all the time, hell, its their job, to lull us into a sense of comfort while they continue fuck us in the ass.

We are many, we are so many more than they, why do we let them fuck us over like this? We are stronger, in this so called democracy our votes are more, but theirs weigh more. How is that democratic?

I don’t know about you, but i’m not going to sit idly by while we are being perpetually trapped in a circle of assraping, I’m going to do like Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction and go medievel on their asses.


Duck and fucking cover.

Here in Sweden a debate rages on over some controversial statements made by singer Paul Anka’s wife, Anna Anka.

The swedish(polish, but raised in Sweden) born Anna Anka, starring in a reality tv show called “Swedish Hollywoodwives”(Svenska Hollywoodfruar), reached nationwide acclaim when she in an article(swedish) on http://www.newsmill.se stated that “Swedish dads are tragical with their diaper change and their equality to women”, she then went on to say things like “..sexually its the womans duty to please the man and make sure he is satisfied, if not she can blame herself if he is cheating on her..” and other ridiculous shit. This of course caused an outrage in Sweden and the media took the bait, which is probably what the bitch wanted.

Now I’m ok with people speaking their mind, but I’m not ok with this running fucking amokk in my morning newspaper, A couple of days ago I saw a 2-page article on Anna Ankas health and exercise plans, and an “expert” claimed it was “dangerous” and “unhealthy”, my first thought:

“Good, fuck her, I could care less about Anna fucking Anka, Infact, I hope she fucking dies.”

Because, if this Anna Anka character wants to kill herself by excercise, who are we to stop her? Let her, give her a rope for all I care, This is not 2-page story news people! I know the global media is pretty much a fucking joke nowadays, but I was still under the impression it atleast tried to find important and interesting stories, apparently I was wrong.

I’m not saying I ever considered Fox news, or the swedish Aftonbladet, a valid media outlet, more like entertainment. But more and more newspapers are catching onto this ridiculous tabloid trend. Nowadays to get actual news I have to search out different dependable sites and blogs, which is fine with me, because I like reading stuff from sensible people, but not everyone can read with a critical eye, because you never know what you can find out here in the glorious intrawebs.

It’s late and i’m rambling on, My point is; Unless the the media gets their act together and starts writing news again, the people will be stupified and isolated from the world, in fighting this, the internet is our last line of defense.