Music is a big part of most people’s lives and It’s a very big part of mine. when I wake up, I put my playlist on, and until I go to bed, that music is playing most of the time But I have a slight problem, and that is defining myself in a specific genre, and I think most people have that problem too, I like the fact that I can remain open to all sorts of music genres, but the problem comes when someone asks me what sort of music I like, I can never come up with a straight answer, If I really have to be specific it’s a tie between indie singer/songwriter and house music, quite a difference right?

But I also like reggae, rock, trance, subgenres of house and techno, hardstyle, metal, acoustic, electronica, and I even like old school rap and hip hop from time to time, and the list goes on. I can never really define myself to a certain genre of music, It’s always something pushing me over to another side. If my music does define who I am, then what am I? Schizophrenic or open-minded?
What genre of music do you prefer, and do you think your music defines you? Leave a comment and let me know.