Allow me to laugh for a minute ..(HAHAHAHAHAH).. Thank you, that was fun.

The idea that the world would end 2012 was always ridiculous, but the idea that some old mayan fuck has predicted it was even funnier, because they couldnt even predict their own demise. But a couple of weeks ago, real scientists interpreted the mayan calender that was predicting this “end of the world”. And found out that the actual date of this change(thats what it says) that was to occur was 2220, meaning a couple of hundred years from now.

Now, not only did they make a really expensive(albeit terribly bad) movie about it, these doomsday prophets actually made several(some really good) websites about it.

So what do we do now? The mayans are wrong, but the 2012 people can fall back on other “prophecies”. Me, I dont really know, or care what will happen in 2012. If we die, we die, if not, I’m not going to celebrate either way.