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I just learnt that our fights for net neutrality have been utterly useless, USA still has the power to shut down any website in the world, and they have just abused that power, this is not a joke, this is a declaration of war against the internet and its freedom of speech.

Read this article for more information(via Reddit), get active!

this is so fucked.


Some pictures

Since I have nothing of interest to speak about I’m just going to post some fun pics I’ve found this week.

Starting of with this funny yet serious p0litical satire, credit to the artist.

So true it hurts.

And this, oldie but goldie.

And lastly a picture from the archives, me as a little kid, having no worries, not bound by any laws or ethics, free as a bird. Those days will be missed /nostalgia

I was a cute kid.

Thats me on the left, and my bestest friend in the whole wide world(still is) to the left.

Ah, The good old days.

And I realise most blogs/tweets and status updates right now are about the healthcare bill being voted on right now, I say, America is stupid to even think of universal healthcare as a bad thing, for goodness sake, when has it ever been wrong with fair and free treatment. It’s truly a challenge for me to understand a world without universal healthcare, I’ve had it all my life, without it my parents would have probably been completely broke and we wouldnt have a home right now, not to mention Internet.  So


Thats all folks.

Obama talks about Supreme court decision, mentioning a possible opposition towards it.

Maybe the US still has a chance.

American Healthcare

So, first off, im not american, I live in Sweden, were health care is universal and free, I have never been denied healthcare, nor have I ever seen anyone being denied it. Now I understand that people are afraid of the “communist” and “social” reform that President Obama is trying to pull through congress, the fear, an after effect of Truman and McCarthy no doubt.

What I dont understand is why anyone would want to keep the healthcare system that America has today, Even people that CAN’T afford it seem to want to keep it, just because they disagree with President Obama, That is just plain ridiculous to me, if not for yourself then atleast for the countless of other people that gravely need the tending to. For example young infant Alex, who was denied health insurance because they deemed him obese, in a day and age when starving babies are the norm all over the world, insurance companies choose to deny an infant health insurance because he is well fed. Plain, fucking ridiculous.

Or John Neubauer, an old man that sold his life insurance, to be able to pay for his house and family, the investors reckoned he didn’t have much time left, effectively making his life a merchandise.

Why would you want to keep a corrupted and so utterly malfunctioning healthcare system? It boggles my mind.