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Many moons have passed since I last talked to you, I’ve managed to move out of my parents house, into my own room on a corridor in the vicinity of my new school, It’s good, more on this later, now to more urgent matters.

Last night Sweden voted for parliament, The Moderate party(Right wing liberals) and their right wing Alliance won, but not really, because they did not get a mandate majority, and the Swedish Democrats party, a downright racist party got 5,7 % of the votes, granting them 20 mandates in parliament.

This comes as no surprise to me, what surprised me is the stupidity of people that voted for them thinking they were a clean party, just focusing on immigration policy, a subject that is indeed a problem in this country, but the Swedish democrats party(SD for short) has been repeatedly frozen out of debates and political discussion by most of the other big parties, but has been debunked and confronted in argumentation with certain public figures, it wasnt enough, the freeze-out gave them martyrdom, and then came this.

A campaign ad showing our statebudget and two  brake levers, one saying “Immigrationbudget” the other one, “Pensionary budget”, and then an old lady in a rollator is slowly walking towards the immigration one, and then suddenly  a score of women in burquas and babies ran past the old lady and tries to grab the “Pensionary budget” brake lever, and then “Vote for the Swedish Democrats”. It was the most racist thing i’ve ever seen, but that’s not the bad(or worse) part, the Swedish Television channel 4 decided to censor it, CENSOR IT! Great use of our freedom of speech, guys. Not only did they counteracted the very same constitutional law that gives them the right to broadcast their programs, they probably gave SD more votes, the hypocritical cunts!

I sure as hell don’t support SD or even care for what they stand for, hell, you could say I even hate them, which I do, but I will defend their right to say the stupid shit they say any day of the week. If just one sharp politician that knows how to properly use rethorics would’ve taken up the debate with SD, the racist pricks would’ve been ridiculed and seen for what they truly are, stupid fucking redneck racists in suits. Their Oh, so carismatic leader is called Jimmie Åkesson, a smug bastard in glasses and a suit, a man that wants to ban Jazz music, because it’s an UNSWEDISH musical tradition(link, in swedish).  Because nobody got a majority in the election, SD now has the opportunity to be something called a scalemaster, having enough mandates to tip over the scale to one specific side of the two blocks(right and left). But both the left and the right have said they won’t work with SD, statements that I hope they will back up.

Now many of you probably live in countries that already have right wing extremists in your parliaments or even in power, and are wondering what the big deal is, I’ll tell you what it is.

THIS IS SWEDEN GODDAMNIT, not some backwards eastern european country with no morals and/or lousy welfare.

Sweden used to be a country that was the envy of Europe, we didn’t have racists in our parliaments, universal healthcare and a warm and empathic attitude towards fugitives, this used to be a place people wanted to live in. Now whats going to happen?(I’m overreacting, but still!)

One good thing is that the majority of the swedish people was outraged by the results, Today many gathered in Stockholms “plattan”(Sergels Torg) and protested against racism and SD.

I’m going to keep fighting the plague that is SD, I hope you will too.


Sobrevivimos Chile

Mother Nature hits again, this time, too close to home, Chile was hit by an earthquake 8.8 on the Richter scale, about 60(tho the video claims 500) times bigger than the one that hit Haiti according to Prof. Kuvvat Atakan at the Bergen Institute in Norway.

Chile, my homelands neighbour, our constant rivals and brothers, I have many chilean friends and I even have family over there. My thoughts go out to everyone affected, the earthquake followed by a tsunami wave that hit all over the Pacific Ocean is said to have made over 2 million people homeless and now Chile faces one of the worst catastrophic times yet. I fear this is only the beginning, 2010 will prove to be a year of trials and tribulations. the Chileans people are strong and bold, they will overcome, but the price to pay is beyond my imagination, the destruction is total, It feels as if though words don’t even matter anymore, If I can help in any way, I will.

Image courtesy of www.huffingtonpost.com go over there to follow the aftermath live.

Image courtesy of http://www.huffingtonpost.com go on over there to follow the aftermath LIVE.

Chile aswell as Haiti are both in dire need of help, whatever you can do is worth it, dont hesitate to donate, this is our world, we may not live in the same places but humankind is still ONE, no matter how much our cultural differences, our blood is still the same.

To my brethren in Chile, I will say this:

Venceremos, we will rebuild, Latinoamerica somos unidos, nosotros estamos con ustedes.

I leave you with this silent video of the earthquake caught live.


Now that i’ve situated myself with my new computer and the new year, the blogging begins for 2010!