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Hello Dear blog that no one ever reads, I’m sorry I have not been feeding you posts, but my mind has been preoccupied with other important stuff like the world cup and World of Warcraft(Damn you Blizzard!)

So yeah, I was wrong and that fucking SQUID was right, who knew that blasted little cephalopod could foresee the future!

Argentina is out of the world cup, and so is the rest of South America, Now Holland will face Spain in the final, and I’m rooting for Holland, only world cup team to win 14 consecutive world cup matches! Spain who everyone thought was going to win actually made it to the finals with the lousy performance they had going on. I had such hope in Argentina this year, I’m pretty sure if they hadn’t met Germany they would’ve won the whole shebang. Damn you German Machine. Sure they had inferior defence, but some might argue that the best defence is a good offence, and a good offence they damn well had, too bad all of the countries were so scared shitless of Messi that they always had 3 players at the minimum on him at all times(Yes, I’m butthurt over the loss)

So now I’m hoping Holland wins the world cup.



Blasted Vuvuzuelas!


Like every other goddamned blogger out there im going to write about the world cup, It was about time an african nation got to hold the world cup, what better nation than Nelson Mandelas South Africa, and so far its looking good, except for those fucking Vuvuzuelas, the south african horn of buzzery, seems the rest of the world has got it in for those blasted instruments of irritation. I just find them tiring, why ban something like that? Let them have their fun I say. As far as teams go im rooting for Argentina who will win this world cup, trust me, and I was pleasantly surprised by North Korea, and Japan too. So yeah, GO TEAM!


IVE BEEN NEGLETING YOU BLOG! worry not, I’m going to write some more soon enough!

If you don’t know who Lars Vilks is, don’t bother looking him up, he calls himself an artist, frankly, I’ve seen baboons paint better and with more meaning, he’s a nobody, but the reason he is famous now is because he depicted(if you could call it paint) the prophet Mohammad as a “rondellhund”(Roundabout dog, A dog made out of wood put in different parts of a City, mostly roundabouts, hence the name). And ever since, the Sunni muslims have been on his ass about it.

So today, Vilks had a lecture on art at the Uppsala University,why on earth anybody would invite him to talk about ART(and freedom of speech)is beyond me, No seriously, calling him an artist is an insult to everyone from Picasso to that kindergarten kid who loves to draw. Well enough about him, what we are really here to talk about is the muslim reaction to his retarded behaviour, they chose to fight fire with fire, retardness with retardness.

So Vilks begins his little act, to about 2 interested people and 20 angry muslims, He starts to show a video about islamic sexuality(homo I believe, anyone know?), HILARITY ENSUES.

Video of the festivities

(I can swear the cops in that video are the same ones that raided my house the other day!)

As you can see, Nothing severe really happened, A couple of younglings were apprehended by the police, one being charged for assaulting a police officer, that would be the guy punching the cop in the face while being wrestled down, gotta hand it to him, he has balls. Stupid fuck tho.

Vilks wasnt harmed in the rumble, several people were sprayed in the face with mace.

Heres my thought, I know that Sunni muslims are really strict about not depicting Mohammad in any way, while the Shi’a as far I know, dont really care, and have been known to accept respectful depictions of Mohammad, emphasis on respectful(infact, I believe the Qur’an says you shouldnt depict any of Allah’s creation). But come on guys, blowing up embassies and threathening people to death? On the internet we call that being “BUTTHURT”.

As for the situation in Sweden, you are just fueling the fire for the Swedish Democrats(the racist, nazi party), giving them more to work with, It’s like you want to get kicked out and go back to the undemocratic countries YOU FLED FROM. You are not winning sympathy for your cause this way, you are just instigating more hate.

I’ve lived with muslims all my life, I have muslim family, and I don’t want the actions of inbred, retarded muslim extremists and radicals to have impact on the lives of those that have done no wrong. I hate religion in all its forms, but what I hate more is extremism to this degree, its bullshit warmongering for the sake of war. A war against

Situation is this, provocateur Vilks provokes with paintings he shouldnt really be doing, just because they suck so bad and are simply provoking, provoked extremists respond with violence, spawning more violence, spawning even more violence, engulfing the world in a perpetual whirlpool of hate, good job!

If maths is your thing, here is a simple equation that explains everything.

Lars Vilks(Retard)  +  Radical Extremists(Retards) – Common Sense = Shitstorm

This is basically what happens when two retards collapse with each other.

Oh and by the way here is the painting that got Vilks in trouble in the first place, the mere suckyness of it invokes violence.


*** Update

Apparently, Vilks was showing  a video of Gay muslims wearing a Mohammad mask, having sex with each other.

Go figure.

Added a new video with english subtitles, and a bit longer, tho I do not support the channel the video is relevant to the post.

William Thorn had always been a good boy, he didn’t hang with the trash from the Harbour, nor the street urchin from the city. When he was a little boy London had been a flourishing, beautiful city full of helpful people and a nice enviroment. His father had been a shoemaker for the upper class and they always had food on the table. But by his 23rd birthday London had been completely industrialized, thick, dark smog filled the streets of London. William had already married and opened up a shop of his own, a bookstore. But the smog that killed so many each year made the enviroment sad, an opposite of the London William remembered from his childhood, and it drove him to the brink of insanity from time to time, he hated it, but he told no one. Then one fateful day, he had to let loose of all the anger built up inside of him, it felt like everyone was nabbing at him today, even his loving wife. Just as he closed up show and was on his way home, he sees Roswell, the multimillionaire entrepeneur, a synonym for murderer in Williams mind. Roswell was on of the most atrocious businessman in the London area, and there he was all by himself, whistling on a tune, William knew what had to be done, he was close to his home so he went in, sneaked past his wife sleeping in the bedroom, went up the attic, and found what he was looking for, a dagger of indian decent, a highly exotic knife called a Kadhjar his dad had said, it had been a gift from a wealthy noble,  but his father had no use of it, and had given it to William with a note on it where it said”Be careful” written on it. He took the blade and quickly went out into the street again, trying to hide the oversized knife as best he could. He scurried a bit until he found Roswell. William had much hate for Roswell, not only had he fired his wife without reason, there was also talk of her being molested by Roswell, tho she spoke nothing of it, but by far what made William Thorn hate Roswell was because it was his factories that created the smog, the INSUFFERABLE SMOG, he hated it with such passion!

He was close now, he could hear Roswell breathe, his heart was pumping, the adrenaline was flowing!

One, two, it was do or die now, THREE!

Williams hand moved automatically against Roswells left side, puncturing his lung, a big  red wound on his jacket, Roswell tries to scream, but to no avail, his blood flowed on Gatesides cobbled streets. William was in shock, why was he holding a bloodstained Kadhjar in his hand, and why was there a man dying before him, drunken slurring voices from around the corner bring him back to earth, and William started running, running as hard as he could, down to the docks…

That was one(huge) part of a short story I wrote in the 8th grade, and I was really surprised at how good it was compared to what I can produce now, Have I lost my creative writing growing up?

I’m thinking about rewriting it a bit and finishing it, and it has once again sparked my interest in writing stories, another major factor for that was that I recently bought two of John Green’s books, Looking for Alaska and Will Grayson Will Grayson(the latter written with David Levithan) further fueling my passion for writing. If you havent read them I suggest, nay I command you to go buy them both, THEY ARE AWESOME.

Let me know if you want me to publish the complete short story on the blog.


Relationships, be it friendly ones or romantic ones, are not easy, take advice from one as old as I am(Oh yeah, I’ve turned 20 now, death is right around the corner for me folks). I’ve always found it funny how many of my friends come to me for advice on relationships, when I’m by far the most inexperienced one when it comes to successful relationships, mine as the title says, Is a series of failed ones, mostly my fault too(I’ve had 2 if you are wondering, and no im not going to talk about them)

It’s not that I’m a bad boyfriend or lover(I think?) but this is a problem I’ve found many guys encounter.Now, I don’t want to be a masochist pig right now but girls, we can’t read your fucking mind, we don’t know  what you are thinking, or that when you say something it means the opposite, what is this? “the opposite game” Fuck that.

If you would just speak your fucking mind, there would be no failed marriages, now maybe that our fault for oppressing women for as long as we did back in the day, but hey, change has come! Just look at what we’ve accomplished with Barack Obama(Let the shitstorm begin), next we will be seeing a woman as president of the US, trust me.

But seriously, most men are not susceptible for those subtle vibes you female folk emit from your bodies, speak your mind and don’t expect us to follow your every step, unless your man is pussywhipped zombie without a mind of his own, he will disagree with you.

This is NOT your favorite romantic comedy movie

This is NOT your favorite romantic novel

This is life, and when two personalities connect, however matching there will be a crash, just like atoms, and sometimes that crash is a good thing and sometimes it isn’t. Deal with it.

I don’t mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that’s how it comes out(Bill Hicks anyone?)

Anyway, that’s just my advice to you ladies out there who expect more of us men than is possible, we are simple creatures, we just want to be loved, just like everybody else.

What do I know anyway, I’m a freaking nerd.

//your friendly neigbhourhood Insomniac, XOXO

Some pictures

Since I have nothing of interest to speak about I’m just going to post some fun pics I’ve found this week.

Starting of with this funny yet serious p0litical satire, credit to the artist.

So true it hurts.

And this, oldie but goldie.

And lastly a picture from the archives, me as a little kid, having no worries, not bound by any laws or ethics, free as a bird. Those days will be missed /nostalgia

I was a cute kid.

Thats me on the left, and my bestest friend in the whole wide world(still is) to the left.

Ah, The good old days.

And I realise most blogs/tweets and status updates right now are about the healthcare bill being voted on right now, I say, America is stupid to even think of universal healthcare as a bad thing, for goodness sake, when has it ever been wrong with fair and free treatment. It’s truly a challenge for me to understand a world without universal healthcare, I’ve had it all my life, without it my parents would have probably been completely broke and we wouldnt have a home right now, not to mention Internet.  So


Thats all folks.

Throughout this past year, I have become quite the movie buff, I’ve seen many movies in my days, but never in the frequency as I do these past months.

Therefore I often find similarities in plotlines and dialogue, as I’m sure many others before me have, there are those “in your face” types of quirky things you can find, but I try to find the very cream of the crop.

Oh well here it goes, todays topic is Swords.

In the genre fantasy and historical(such as medieval or ancient Greece), we will probably(pretty much surely) come across some bitchin’ sword fights and shiny tools of destruction. One thing I’ve noticed about movies such as these are that, if our “hero’s” sword or weapon is not a decisive part of the movie(i.e Excalibur) it will most likely be, quite common, whilst our antagonist or “bad guy” will most likely have a bad ass motherfucking monster of a sword.

Examples of this are as follows.

Damodar from Dungeons and Dragons(Don’t judge me, it’s the most recent movie I saw with this in it!), altough not the major antagonist, he played a key role and wielded an awesome sword.


Prince Malagant, from the movie “The First Knight” had a pretty badass sword, of course it was no match for Richard Gere’s regular sword.

Prince Malagant
Prince Malagant and his gruesome looking sword

And it’s not only the swords, it’s also awesome armor, mostly black and studded.

I can think of countless other examples, but why is it that directors and writers want to give these antagonists such, for lack of a better word, power, the power to instill fear in others, I think it’s because they want the heroe’s struggle to be somewhat like David and Goliath from that little fairytale called the Bible, in any case, sometimes it feels stupid, because in video games for example when you get to take on the role of a champion or hero, you often have epic weapons and armor, making any challenge easy peasy, putting the difficulty in solving problems and not sword fights.

Anyways, these are just things I find particularly odd in movies, I will probably do more of these in the future, in conclusion, If I was in a movie like this, I would definitely want to be a bad guy.

Clear My Name

Mugshot of Ernesto A. Miranda

Mugshot of Ernesto A. Miranda

If you were to do a Google search for my name, you will find 602 000 matches. Sadly, about 0.04 percent of those are actually me, because if you search for Ernesto Miranda(Give it a go, stalkerz) several pages of a Ernesto Arturo Miranda (no relation) will turn up, this Ernesto is THE Miranda that gave the name to the ever so heard Miranda rights, for those that don’t know, it’s that thing cops’ say to an offender when they eventually get caught, you know like in the movies.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?

(thank you Wikipedia)

Now wether or not he was guilty is an entire matter completely, he confessed, he had a record, and he soiled MY good name before I even was born.

Damn you Ernesto! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

When I eventually get famous, and I will, I dont want to be connected to this hoodlum.

So Google. please, Clear my name.

Sobrevivimos Chile

Mother Nature hits again, this time, too close to home, Chile was hit by an earthquake 8.8 on the Richter scale, about 60(tho the video claims 500) times bigger than the one that hit Haiti according to Prof. Kuvvat Atakan at the Bergen Institute in Norway.

Chile, my homelands neighbour, our constant rivals and brothers, I have many chilean friends and I even have family over there. My thoughts go out to everyone affected, the earthquake followed by a tsunami wave that hit all over the Pacific Ocean is said to have made over 2 million people homeless and now Chile faces one of the worst catastrophic times yet. I fear this is only the beginning, 2010 will prove to be a year of trials and tribulations. the Chileans people are strong and bold, they will overcome, but the price to pay is beyond my imagination, the destruction is total, It feels as if though words don’t even matter anymore, If I can help in any way, I will.

Image courtesy of go over there to follow the aftermath live.

Image courtesy of go on over there to follow the aftermath LIVE.

Chile aswell as Haiti are both in dire need of help, whatever you can do is worth it, dont hesitate to donate, this is our world, we may not live in the same places but humankind is still ONE, no matter how much our cultural differences, our blood is still the same.

To my brethren in Chile, I will say this:

Venceremos, we will rebuild, Latinoamerica somos unidos, nosotros estamos con ustedes.

I leave you with this silent video of the earthquake caught live.