Our enviroment is in a state of despair, we continue to burn fossil fuels that damages our ecosystems and pollutes our air. If we keep doing this and at this rate, we are most certainly a doomed race.

Many today believe that the enviromental movement is all about saving endangered species or saving the rain forest, granted most of the environmental movement is just that, or simply wanting to have a clean place to live. But what they don’t seem to understand is that it is really about saving ourselves, about the continuation of the human race. The big oil companies that make a living processing fossil fuels are not in the mood to stop making money, so they will do everything in their power to make us continue to buy their products. To make us poison ourselves and die a slow, gruesome death. This is not about saving our “home”. Yes, the earth is our only home and we should take care of it, But we are stupid to think that we are a threat to this great blue planet. We are lice on its back, and we can’t make things so worse that this unbelievably beautiful planet should cease to exist for good, we are NOT that powerful, even though we would like to think we are. I am going to qoute a man called Oren Lyons, Faith keeper of the Turtle clan of the Onondaga and Seneca native americans, and professor of American Studies.

“What if we choose to eradicate ourselves from this Earth, by whatever means? The Earth goes nowehere. And in time, it will regenerate, and all the lakes will be pristine. The rivers, the waters, the mountains, everything will be green again. It’ll be peaceful. There may not be people, but the Earth will regenerate. And you know why? – Because the Earth has all the time in the world and we don’t.

The earth has all the time in the world, and we don’t. Think about that for a minute?

Many cultures of all places of the world call our planet, the sixth planet from the sun, Mother Earth. Why? Because it feeds us, warms us, give us a place to stay, and what do we do? We kill each other, we pollute its air and we destroy our homes. And for what? Money? Religion? Power?

It’s an enigma, that we go to such lenghts to drive our own race into extinction, it’s a mystery to me. and I’m not smart enough to solve it. But I am smart enough to see that there is no future for us we continue to kill ourselves with this poison. I’m not saying that we stop driving cars, stop riding buses and start turning of our lights, these are necessities in our modern society, this needs to be changed on a global level, the politicans need to show what they are good for, otherwise they will have no land to rule, and no people to lie to if there is nothing left of us. And yes, they will most certainly be gone too, that lovely thought should hopefully scare them into action. So don’t turn of your lights. Turn on your brains, and send a message to those in power, do something or we will do something to you!

And finally, I want to end with a qoute from the late great comedian George Carlin, and he had this to say about the enviroment.

“The planet is fine, it’s the people that are fucked!”