Hello Dear blog that no one ever reads, I’m sorry I have not been feeding you posts, but my mind has been preoccupied with other important stuff like the world cup and World of Warcraft(Damn you Blizzard!)

So yeah, I was wrong and that fucking SQUID was right, who knew that blasted little cephalopod could foresee the future!

Argentina is out of the world cup, and so is the rest of South America, Now Holland will face Spain in the final, and I’m rooting for Holland, only world cup team to win 14 consecutive world cup matches! Spain who everyone thought was going to win actually made it to the finals with the lousy performance they had going on. I had such hope in Argentina this year, I’m pretty sure if they hadn’t met Germany they would’ve won the whole shebang. Damn you German Machine. Sure they had inferior defence, but some might argue that the best defence is a good offence, and a good offence they damn well had, too bad all of the countries were so scared shitless of Messi that they always had 3 players at the minimum on him at all times(Yes, I’m butthurt over the loss)

So now I’m hoping Holland wins the world cup.