Throughout this past year, I have become quite the movie buff, I’ve seen many movies in my days, but never in the frequency as I do these past months.

Therefore I often find similarities in plotlines and dialogue, as I’m sure many others before me have, there are those “in your face” types of quirky things you can find, but I try to find the very cream of the crop.

Oh well here it goes, todays topic is Swords.

In the genre fantasy and historical(such as medieval or ancient Greece), we will probably(pretty much surely) come across some bitchin’ sword fights and shiny tools of destruction. One thing I’ve noticed about movies such as these are that, if our “hero’s” sword or weapon is not a decisive part of the movie(i.e Excalibur) it will most likely be, quite common, whilst our antagonist or “bad guy” will most likely have a bad ass motherfucking monster of a sword.

Examples of this are as follows.

Damodar from Dungeons and Dragons(Don’t judge me, it’s the most recent movie I saw with this in it!), altough not the major antagonist, he played a key role and wielded an awesome sword.


Prince Malagant, from the movie “The First Knight” had a pretty badass sword, of course it was no match for Richard Gere’s regular sword.

Prince Malagant
Prince Malagant and his gruesome looking sword

And it’s not only the swords, it’s also awesome armor, mostly black and studded.

I can think of countless other examples, but why is it that directors and writers want to give these antagonists such, for lack of a better word, power, the power to instill fear in others, I think it’s because they want the heroe’s struggle to be somewhat like David and Goliath from that little fairytale called the Bible, in any case, sometimes it feels stupid, because in video games for example when you get to take on the role of a champion or hero, you often have epic weapons and armor, making any challenge easy peasy, putting the difficulty in solving problems and not sword fights.

Anyways, these are just things I find particularly odd in movies, I will probably do more of these in the future, in conclusion, If I was in a movie like this, I would definitely want to be a bad guy.