So apparently the U.S and A is fucked. You had a good run America. You Gave us McDonalds, Starbucks and Miley Cyrus. Thanks!

For those of you who were to lazy to watch the video or did not comprehend the video, Supreme Court Judge John Roberts has given corporations and the like 1st amendment rights, meaning they can promote and fund  any political candidate of their desire without any stopping power from the people or the public sector. Granted, Keith Olbermann is one of the worst political pundits ( he’s not as bad as O’Reilly or Glenn Beck *shudders*), he does make a strong point, and very passionate might I add. What will become of America? (we’ll all die in two years, so it’s all good I guess)

In other news, Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno, oh dear.

First off, total dick move by Leno, I never really liked him, and I totally love Conan O’Brien, but what will he do now? I, like many, hope he takes one of the many offers to work on the INTERNET! Yes, Revision3(one of the biggest internet TV “stations”, very good original content) or even better,(though not likely), badassery in a nutshell. Apparently he has also been offered a role in a pornographic flick, titled “Conan the Bangbarian”, epic fucking win. (if you haven’t followed the whole shebang, these Chinese news animations explain it perfectly, Click here for the video)

Now some of you might think why would he degrade himself to the internet, well there are very compelling arguments towards this, I’ll name a few I found on

  • No censorship, at all
  • No airtime, he can go on whenever he likes.
  • And, if taking the Revision3 deal, full artistic control of his show.

If those pros dont outweigh the few cons that is, I dont know what does

Link to the article here

What do you guys think Conan should do, and is America fucked?