A friend of mine went ahead and wrote me a rhyme about poverty in a matter of minutes, this is the outcome:

Well, you are so correct, politically,
let us rhyme about racism, famine and poverty,
let us discuss violence, innocense and with on-point clarity,
or would it be too inane, would it not make me insane, for insanity, is what happens when my brain does not sustain,
the aforementioned theme is fiendishly plain, but let’s set in motion the rhymetrain:

It’s a problem, ignored by the ignorant,
shushed by the lord, seemingly insignificant,
but let us inform our neighboor,
one teach one is what I got in store,
let us talk about poverty and slave labor,
do not ignore the hidden agendas of war,
let them not hide behind the face of freedom and the war on terror,
read and learn from red litterature,
apply only the knowledge that is pure,
not the dirty televisionized information will only get you in a harder grip of the governments claw,
and I never gave in to some conspiracy theory,
if you got gory story, about how the american heroes died in glory, I’ll ignore you. This is my story, memento mori. Remember the dead.

Author: Teo Fridholm

Any rappers wanna have a go at this?