Konica Minolta Memories

Konica Minolta Memories

I just read a very inspiring article by Scott Bourne, a fellow photographer(a thousand times better.)

I often doubt myself when taking photos, I try to find excuses not to take pictures, be it a bad flash, lens or batterylife. But Photography is my passion, and I’ve decided to no longer find excuses to do what I love. And Scott Bourne’s article really gave me the swift kick in the butt I needed. If you are a photographer(or any kind of creative producer even) and in self-doubt, take some time to read his article, you can find it here.

You’re not alone. Most of us have asked that question at some point in time.  You ARE good enough. Now you may not be good enough to get the cover of Time Magazine. You may not be good enough to sell $25,000 weddings, but you ARE good enough to help, and I do mean REALLY help folks who want to protect their memories.

I hope I someday become a good photographer, but, until then practice makes perfect right?