So, the stakes have obviously been changed since my first little post about this(If you don’t know what I’m talking about scroll down or click this link).

With only a couple more days to go of the Lashallure contest, the competition is getting fierce.

Meekakitty is heavy on the lead with over 177k+ comments, now, with the Vlogbrothers (126k+ subs, one of my favorite YouTubers)and the Nerdfighters for support, she is definitely in the lead, but OlgaKay is catching up with 150k+ comments(and surprisingly enough, more ratings).

Raywilliamjohnson and sxephil are still promoting them through links and mentions in their videos and the contest ends on December 21st, not a long way to go, but the race is moving towards the finish line, as of now, it appears Meekakitty will come out on top.