Today I’ll start my first in a long line of recurring posts. “Rants of an insomniac”, written at insane hours mostly. Enjoy!

4.46 AM

/rant “People who post recurring articles with a certain “theme” to it.”

Who do these people think they are? A television network?

It’s just in favor to get more dedicated readers I’m sure, but how about writing actual interesting posts? Having an actual opinion rather than writing some random bullshit?

Sure, it may be a winning concept, but why change your ideals for the sake of popularity? Of course, its because we all are attention whores (even I, can you believe it?!), before the internet your only hope of becoming a star or mildly famous was either becoming a politician, a genius scientist, a rock star or an actor.  Nowadays tho, some regular joe with an opinion, a camera or a good vocabulary(or Autotune for some) can become an internet celeb, and I’m definitely not saying thats a bad thing, its awesome. But because people are sheep, some rise far above others with content that can only be described as shit, an example of this is YouTube’s Fred(not even going to link that). Content like that can mainly grow because of consistency and advertising, people need to learn how to wade through the shitswamp in the internet and get to be sunny beach. Think what you will, some may find people such as Fred mildly amusing, but if you honest to whatever-entity-that-created-the-universe like his videos, you are a class A retard, congratulations, you get special education!

But these are just thoughts of mine, nothing of real interest, I don’t have nearly enough readers to be noticed, neither do I have the content some popular bloggers and vloggers have. Maybe I’ll make videos with no meaning and speed up my voice, or maybe I’ll become a fashion blogger and blog about my “outfit of the day”, Who knows?

I’m just an insomniac.

05.35 AM

/end rant