So, there is this contest going on in YouTube(theres a contest pretty much everyday, this one is for 100,000 $ tho)

Lashallure is giving away 100.000 dollas to whichever youtuber gets the most votes(votes represented as comments and ratings). Two prominent youtubers entered, Meekakitty and OlgaKay, Both with 70k+ subscribers, and it just so happens to be, they both just got a major push by two very big youtubers respectively, RayWilliamJohnson and Sxephil, Phil promoted Olga and Ray who is a good friend of Meeka promoted her. Now statistically speaking Phil is the more influential of the two with his 700k+ subscribers(plus he has two more channels) Ray on the other hand only has 400k+, but, Dare I say his followers are more loyal. No offence to the “DeFranco Nation”, but pretty much everyone is subscribed to Sxephil, while most of Ray’s “Forum” has been with him from the start(myself included).

I really like both YouTubers equally, Phil always have great . and hilarious remarks, Ray has great viral videos to show and fun puns. But I’ve never been subscribed to OlgaKay whilst I’ve liked MeekaKitty from the start(so cute and nerdy<3).

Meeka also has the likely support of her quintet of Vlogvetica vloggers and their subscribers. Dan Brown(pogobat) with 125k+ subs, Catrific with 17k+subs, Nanalew with 25k+ subs and Mitchell Davis(livelavalive) with 333k+ subscribers, so that is a strong support, but it’s not certain that they will help out.

OlgaKay on the other hand, has great PR, she is not only joined by TarynSouthern(Hott4hills) with her 6k+ subscribers, but they are both hot, and are going to give away 500$ everyday to the best comment! Also they are going to have a hot bikini photoshoot(not confirmed).

As you can see it’s still a really close call. I just hope ShaneDawsonTV(900k+ subs) or NigaHiga(1mil+ subs) doesnt  get in this fight.

Exciting isn’t it!?

P.S I’m such a fucking nerd for knowing and writing about this. I feel like WillofDC(<3).