So, I am not really a hater of the Twilight Series(and I love vampires in general), but I have to say, the movies are quite boring, Sure, the depiction of the characters in terms of looks, was spot on for me, almost exactly like imagined when reading the books(yes, I read them). But the whole fangirl thing and the phenomenon Twilight has become is just plain ridiculous, it’s a mediocre flick AT BEST!  Now I have yet to see New Moon, but I can imagine, and from what I’ve heard it’s just as boring, I am however going to give it a chance, but one thing really bothers me, and it has for some time now.

In the meanwhile I’m going to let Carlyle from explain how it is in his article on

You can find the whole article here, and here’s a sample:

People don’t hate Twilight because it is a successful film series made for women. They hate Twilight for the same reason they hate Paris Hilton: We find the exaltation of mediocrity to be abhorrent. The celebration of that which we find inferior is frustrating to people who believe they can do better. And while it is not always the case that your “grandmother can make a better movie than that,” watchingsubpar content receive nonstop media attention can take one from a state of detached indifference and incite them to a furious lather in which they want to tear down and destroy whatever the vacuous, hollow smiles in $300 haircuts are yammering incessantly about.

And right now, that’s Twilight. And Twilight is crap.

How have we come to like mediocrity, I mean, between T-Pain and all the autotune “artists”, Transformers and Twilight, I really don’t know if people know what true entertainment is anymore. It seems like our awareness is slowly fading away to make room for mediocre bullshit, entertainment is supposed to frighten you to the core, make you laugh out loud, make you want to never ever stop dancing. Now we are left with “hits” like “I’ve got a feeling by the Black Eyed Peas, with sucky lyrics and a decent “beat”, Movies like the ones mentioned before, comedians like Carrot Top and Larry the Cable Guy(ugh, somebody kill him, please!).

Not to say nothing good is being released and doing great nowadays, but it’s definitely not a majority,

It’s time for some quality control for fucks sake.