It’s december, I’m in my dark unlit room, its 04.34 as I write this. In my bed with the pc and an unlit cigarette of the Camel brand in my mouth.

“Why is this unlit?”

I’m trying to figure out wether or not I have an addiction, My first cigarette in nearly a month. I don’t have money to buy a new pack, Don’t have the urge.

But damn does it taste good. The ligther flickers in the chilling wind of the open window, shielded with my blanket against the cold I light my cigarette. The smoke soothens my worrying mind.

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal is melodically playing in my headphones, next up is Iron & Wine, I quietly pray to whatever false god is out there that Spotify wont interrupt my playlist with commercials.  However alluring and comfortable the bed is, my mind will not rest, So I stay awake, pondering, wondering, where did you go………