So today is Blog Action Day 2009, this years topic is Climate Change.

Personally I’m not an enviromentalist, but I do believe that we can and should stride towards living a “greener” lifestyle, not because our polluting lifestyle will end the world and kill all the animals, but because it will kill us! Humans as a species will cease to exist, and in time, all traces of us will be completely wiped out, not a very nice thought is it? Earth will live on and in time it will regenerate, like it has always done. I’m looking at it from a humanist point of view, people claim that if we keep polluting there will be no world for us to live on, but I believe rather there will be no us at all. I think the best way to put it is by qouting George Carlin his his 1996 HBO special “Jammin’ in New York”, “….the planet is fine, the people are fucked!”


So why don’t we make use of our time left here, and make it a healthier, greener place. Why even waste your money on energy sources such as fuel when there is a better, more sufficient, renewable energy source, like say, geothermal energy. Why let greedy companies determine the fate of our world? Because that is what they do when they continue to push for the use of fossil fuels. All this is common knowledge these days, so why should we let it go on? A lot of questions go unanswered here. But one thing is sure, and that is that the time to act is now, not later.