Often times, people say things like, “it’s unnatural!” “it’s against nature” when speaking of everything from cars to buildings to gays.

But what really determines what is natural? The amazing atheist had a very valid point in one of his latest videos concerning this very fact, he said “Nature encompasses all of existance, everything that exists is part of nature, that includes you and me……How can a scyscraper be unnatural if a beehive is not unnatural, or a beavers dam is not unnatural… how come were the only species on the planet, who when we build something, it is regarded as unnatural, is it because its more complex? is it because we used our minds rather than our instinct to build it?”(video in question http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jrh8VVwMI4&feature=sub)

This is something i’ve tought about many times, yet I haven’t been able to express myself the way TJ does.  Are we a part of nature or are we not? What really distinguishes us from other species? Is it because we take raw materials and convert them to all sorts of things that we can use it for? I really don’t know, but I think we need to accept that we have a roll in this existence, wether we were created for the purpose of inventing plastic or if we were created to rule the world, we, like all species, are natural.